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Why use the Vacation Moose to advertise your rental or offer?

  • We list only the region's rentals and attractions.  Most other sites feature listings from all over the country, and even the world, so you get lost with the thousands of other listings
  • Locally owned and operated with great customer service
  • Well designed site for ease of use by rental/business owners and vacationers
  • Your listing is live right away, offers unlimited picture uploads and can be updated anytime, as often as you like
  • One stop for vacation, residential and service listings, plus pages of area attractions.  Our goal is to be the dominant region site for all vacationers and people moving into the area
  • We allow personal website links to your site.  Try that with the other guys and see what happens
  • Easy to create listings.  Our format is open and allows for your input as you want it to appear.
  • Link to your online calender  (we will have one available shortly) 

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One year vacation rental listing          $50       

Last Minute Deal listing (30 days)      $15          

Residential Rental listing                    $20


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